The Clay Studio Helps to Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Something handmade and personal makes a superb and unique wedding gift and a unique souvenir of a special day.

The Clay Studio offers a range of options to help make your day even more special.
Signing Plates

Paint a plate for the wedding. Once glazed and fired, this can be signed by every guest at your wedding reception. You can then display this at home or use it as a table centrepiece. Guests sign the glazed and fired plate with a special pen that we are able to supply. The ink is then "set" by placing the plate in a domestic oven for 30 minutes.

Choose from a range of stock designs that is personalised for the happy couple. Any plate can be used as a signing plate but clearly the best size will be determined by the number of guests and the design required.

Souvenir Plates

Preserve special memories on a plate.

Please note that we are not currently taking orders for bespoke commissioned plates.

Presents for the Bridal Party

Small ceramic gifts can be personalised with the bridesmaids’ or ushers’ names to make their day special as well.


Ceramic Gifts

The Clay Studio is ideal for wedding gifts. Your guests can paint their own gifts with our help or we can undertake special commissions. You can even leave a wedding list with us if you wish.


Hen Parties

The Clay Studio is a great place for a hen party. Bring your friends and a bottle of wine (or two) and we will provide glasses and a corkscrew. The Clay Studio Café is open all evening for high quality, local food.

For parties of ten or more we well provide a "painted hen" signing plate so that there is a permanent memento of everyone at the party.

We have a dedicated room that you can make your own for the duration of the party. Alternatively, we can even bring The Clay Studio to you with our On The Move operation.

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