Order a Signing Platter

A signing platter is an excellent gift that will help the happy couple to remember who was at their wedding. Our trained staff can paint you a personalised wedding signing platter to help you mark the special day.

As these platters are painted to order and are unique orders they cannot be changed once painting has commenced. A minimum of two weeks is required from commission to completion although this can vary according to workload. We can advise on how long is required at the time of commission. However, a reasonable timescale is appreciated.

The price shown includes the platter in your chosen design, free signing pen and wording of your choice.

You can order in person at The Clay Studio or by telephone. Payment will be taken at the time of commission. If you wish us to post the platter we will add the UK courier cost (approximately 15). Other destinations at cost.

Step 1

Choose your design from one of these set images. We will then customise the platter according to the couple, e.g. colour of hair, bouquet, suits, etc. Please note that colours may differ slightly between photographs and the finished piece.

Design 1: Happy Couple


Design 2: Wedding Swing


Design 3: Vintage Car


Design 4: Christchurch Beach Huts


Design 5: The Kicking Bride


Design 6: Bride & Groom Rear View


Design 7: Roses & Hearts



Step 2

Choose your platter. The size will also depend on how many signatures you intend having.

Large Square Plate 41cm

No extra charge

Round Rimmed Platter 41cm diameter

No extra charge

Rectangular Platter 43x35cm

No extra charge

Rimmed Plate 33cm

No extra charge

Extra Large Broad Rimmed Bowl 47.5cm diameter

Additional 20


Step 3

Order any extras.

All platters come with one porcelain pen included for signing. Additional pens can be purchased for 6.50. Any pens returned unused and still sealed will be refunded on production of your receipt..

Plate stands are also available.

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