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The Clay Studio is about having fun, being inspired and creating your own, individual hand-painted pottery. Whether you come on your own or with friends, family or work colleagues you will have a great time and have something unique to show for it.

We have a wide range of painting opportunities. Our unglazed pottery or bisque selection allows you to paint anything from a one-off item to a whole dinner service. We always have around 400 different items in stock so there is plenty to choose from. Paint your choice of item in The Clay Studio with all the advice from our trained and experienced staff. We will then glaze and fire the item for you, helping to transform it into a work of art. The finished item is usually ready for collection in four-five days.

Whatís more, there always something new available. The bisque range changes with the seasons so you will find something suitable for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, weddings and all sorts of celebrations.

If you want to take something away with you on the day then you can use Bubble Clay to create something unique. New from 2017 is a range of Teddy Mountain bears and outfits which are great fun to make.

The Clay Studio is a great party venue. Come to us for the party and we will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time and have something to show for it afterwards. We set a side a whole area of The Clay Studio for your party (for parties of ten or over). A party at The Clay Studio ensures that all the guests will keep talking about it afterwards and have something unique with which to remember it. Look at the delight on everyoneís faces as they proudly display their own, hand-painted works of art.

Are you looking for a unique gift or just to have a fun and inspirational time? Come and spend a couple of hours at The Clay Studio.

There is no need for any artistic skills. All you need is some enthusiasm, patience and a desire to have a good time.

The Clay Studio will help bring out the artist in you.

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