A proposal at The Clay Studio

3 April 2007

One thing about painting your own pottery is that every piece is unique. Naturally, this has its advantages when looking to achieve something special with the pottery, like a marriage proposal.

Leon Cass and Steph Powell from Southampton will always remember their visit to The Clay Studio on 1 April. Actually, we met Leon a couple of days earlier when he commissioned us to paint a very special cappuccino cup and saucer. What was special about it? It carried the phrase “Will you marry me?”

Steph thought Leon has lined up a fun painting session at The Clay Studio in Christchurch. He works in Christchurch. However, on completing her pottery piece, she was presented with an empty cappuccino cup. Well, not quite empty but with the painted proposal and an engagement ring in place of the frothy coffee.

Leon told The Clay Studio: “I’m not a traditional person and, instead of asking her over a candlelit meal in a restaurant, I wanted to ask her in a way that was original and creative. This way it felt more like something we would create and keep together.”

Mary Payne, owner of The Clay Studio, said that it has been one of our more unusual commissions:

“Leon was very specific about what he wanted, simplistic but in the style of some of our other pieces. Also, by giving us just two days notice, he kept us on our toes. The cup and saucer turned out well and were just what he had planned.”

Steph was shocked and surprised but very happy, accepting Leon’s proposal of marriage immediately. After knowing each other for two years, they are now looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

The fact that you paint the pottery yourself makes every piece unique and memorable. Not only that, every gift is much more personal than if it had been purchased in a shop. With Easter, Father’s Day as well as birthdays and anniversaries coming up, The Clay Studio offers an opportunity to create something very special. We also serve great coffee, even if not every cup comes with a marriage proposal!

The Clay Studio is a contemporary pottery painting studio, offering visitors the opportunity to paint their own pottery and learn different painting and decorative effects through the Painting Academy and by having trained staff always on-hand. Alongside the painting is The Clay Studio Café which offers snacks and beverages, sourced, wherever possible, from local Dorset and Hampshire producers.

For more information contact Martin Payne, martin@theclaystudio.co.uk or 01202 475000

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