Enjoy local wines, beers and ciders at The Clay Studio

7 July 2008

Since it opened in December 2006, The Clay Studio in Christchurch has offered its visitors a fine selection of local food and beverages as part of its café menu. Now visitors are also able to enjoy a selection of local alcoholic beverages with their meal, while they paint or just on their own.

Our new range of wines, beers and ciders is a perfect compliment to a meal or a painting session at The Clay Studio. We are maintaining our commitment to quality while emphasising local producers from Dorset and Hampshire wherever possible. Our range includes beers from the Dorset Piddle Brewery and Ringwood Brewery; our ciders and perrys are from New Forest Cider in Burley while our selection of local wines comes from Setley Ridge Vineyard in the New Forest. We also have a selection of other wines, lagers and jugs of Pimm’s to share.

We will also be changing our evening opening hours. From 25 July, we will be moving our Tuesday late night to Friday. We will then be open on Thursday and Friday evenings until 10pm when pottery painting and the full café menu of food & beverages will be available.

The Clay Studio is a contemporary pottery painting studio, offering visitors the opportunity to paint their own pottery and learn different painting and decorative effects through the Painting Academy and by having trained staff always on-hand. Alongside the painting is The Clay Studio Café which offers snacks and beverages, sourced, wherever possible, from local Dorset and Hampshire producers.


For more information contact Martin Payne, martin@theclaystudio.co.uk or 01202 475000.

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