The Painting Academy is flexible to your lifestyle

20 December 2007

A hectic lifestyle is no longer a barrier to enjoying yourself while learning simple but effective pottery painting techniques. Our Painting Academy sessions starting on 22 January allow “students” to build their own pottery painting course. This is suitable for all abilities including beginners.

Each six-week course allows the student to choose six from eighteen projects that have been designed to highlight different pottery painting techniques. What’s more you can build your own course, not just through the choice of pieces but you can “mix and match” the times when you attend and even miss weeks. This way you can paint at times that suit you best and not miss any sessions if you are unable to attend for any reason.

Students pay a course fee and then choose their item of pottery each week from the large range available. The Clay Studio will recommend a particular item for a specific technique.

We have around 150 different items to paint from plates and mugs to money boxes and seasonal Christmas pottery. You are sure to find something to suit your ability, budget and wishes.

Advance booking is required for the new Painting Academy sessions. More details are available on the Painting Academy section of the Web site or at The Clay Studio.

The Clay Studio is a contemporary pottery painting studio, offering visitors the opportunity to paint their own pottery and learn different painting and decorative effects through the Painting Academy and by having trained staff always on-hand. Alongside the painting is The Clay Studio Café which offers snacks and beverages, sourced, wherever possible, from local Dorset and Hampshire producers.

For more information contact Martin Payne, or 01202 475000

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