You're never too old to have fun painting

21 September 2007

Anyone who has visited The Clay Studio since we opened last December will know that painting pottery is for everyone. With the inaugural Older People’s Day on 1 October 2007 we are inviting anyone aged over 50 to try pottery painting and, as an extra encouragement, we will waive the usual Studio Fee of £4.50 on this day.

Older people are more active than ever before. A recent survey of over-50s found that many were looking to make their retirement more fun by taking up new activities such as parachuting, bungee-jumping, learning new skills such as cooking, playing a musical instrument or travelling the world. So why not try pottery painting?

The Clay Studio will have trained staff on hand to help newcomers discover just how easy it is to create pottery masterpieces without the need for any experience or skills.

Our Tuesday opening hours are from 9am until 10pm. Come along and paint something unique. You can collect it glazed and fired a few days later and then astound your children and grandchildren with your newly-acquired skills.

The Clay Studio is all about having fun but at the same time learning useful skills. Painting pottery helps everyone to express their creativity while having a fun time.

The Clay Studio is a contemporary pottery painting studio, offering visitors the opportunity to paint their own pottery and learn different painting and decorative effects through the Painting Academy and by having trained staff always on-hand. Alongside the painting is The Clay Studio Café which offers snacks and beverages, sourced, wherever possible, from local Dorset and Hampshire producers.

For more information contact Martin Payne, or 01202 475000

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