Historic Christchurch

21 November 2008

Visitors to The Clay Studio in Christchurch have found that this is a unique atmosphere where they can unwind and enjoy a coffee, glass of wine or light lunch. The painted pottery, photographs and paintings around the walls all contribute to this relaxing environment.

art@theclaystudio is our collection of works for sale by local artists. Our latest addition by Wendy Brown is her view of Historic Christchurch. This painting of Castle Street in Christchurch shows the different types of architecture present in the street as well as the castle ruins, The Kings hotel and the Avon bridge. Wendy Brown’s unique style captures perfectly what many believe is the most beautiful street in Christchurch.

Limited edition prints of Historic Christchurch are available from The Clay Studio, either mounted or framed. The Clay Studio stocks the full range of Wendy Brown’s paintings, many of which are also available as greetings cards.

All of the art available at The Clay Studio can be viewed on The Clay Studio Web site at www.theclaystudio.co.uk/cafe/art.htm.

The Clay Studio is all about having fun but at the same time learning useful skills. Painting pottery helps everyone to express their creativity while having a fun time.

The Clay Studio is a contemporary pottery painting studio, offering visitors the opportunity to paint their own pottery and learn different painting and decorative effects through the Painting Academy and by having trained staff always on-hand. Alongside the painting is The Clay Studio Café which offers food and beverages, sourced, wherever possible, from local Dorset and Hampshire producers.


For more information contact Martin Payne, martin@theclaystudio.co.uk or 01202 475000.

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