A Marriage Proposal on a Plate

31 December 2014

There were celebrations at The Clay Studio in Christchurch at the end of December when one of our visitors found a great way to harness the unique and personal nature of painting pottery. Tim White of Christchurch spent a productive few hours at The Clay Studio one Saturday painting a unique plate featuring the character Jack from the film Nightmare Before Christmas. However, this was far more than just a well-painted plate. It contained a marriage proposal to his girlfriend of four years, Sue Hamilton. Although he was a newcomer to painting pottery, Tim recognised the advantages that using pottery to convey his message could have:

“Proposing to Sue on a hand-painted plate would be an opportunity to truly personalise my proposal and make it really special. There would be a surprise factor and the staff at the Clay Studio helped by being generous with their advice and proudly displaying the plate in the centre of their window display.”

A surprised Sue, who instantly agreed, said she saw the plate on one of their regular walks in the centre of Christchurch:

“I saw the plate in the window with a character we both love from one of our favourite films. On closer inspection I saw that Tim was proposing to me. I thought this was a really romantic way to propose and I said yes instantly.”

Mary Payne, owner of The Clay Studio, noted how hand-painted pottery can be used to make items really personal:

“This is the second proposal we have had at The Clay Studio. The nature of hand-painted means that not only is the message totally unique and personal but the recipient knows how much thought and work has gone into it. This is so much more special than mass-produced items or those painted by somebody else.”

The Clay Studio is a contemporary pottery painting studio. We have a wide range of blank pottery pieces for painting which are fired and usually ready for collection within four days. The Clay Studio is ideal for parties such as hen parties, birthday parties or just the opportunity to get together and relax with friends and family. The Clay Studio is a licensed café with a varied menu that is locally sourced wherever possible.


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